December 31, 2009


A few friends and I want to start a book club. We all love to read. We also love a good challenge. We have agreed that there are several gaps in our timeline of reading, that is, within the grand scheme of literature we have missed reading some important books. Thus our challenge among ourselves is to read some of those books over the course of the year, get together and discuss them over book themed tea.
I am having a problem, too many books to choose from and not enough time.

I want to include a good book about Greek and Roman mythology since this is fundamental to Western Civilization. Does anyone have a suggestion?
Something by Kipling, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Planet Narnia, and???? I am just not sure. Any suggestions?

October 18, 2008


I am angry, sad, tearful, frustrated, and confused.
I attended a beautiful wedding last weekend. I have known the bride and groom since they were born. In fact I babysat them both on occasion. I know deep down they are going to make it. They have friends and family to back them. Most importantly they have God.
Not every marriage I have attended in the last 12 years has made it. I keep getting reports of this friend or that friend who are no longer married, getting a divorce, or struggling. I am sad for my friends, sad for the children that are involved, but scared for me. I keep asking myself what chance do I have in finding a guy who will commit to a lifetime with me. Will the desired of my heart ever be fulfilled? What can I do to prevent becoming a statistic?
More later to emotional right now.

Random book- tv connection

I am currently reading (among other books) "How to Read Literature Like a Professor". It is an interesting book with a lot of helpful hints and sly humor.
I am reading a chapter and watching an episode of House when it hits me.... the numerous parallels between the character House and the character Sherlock Holmes. I started laughing as I mentally listed them. I thought I would share:

House Holmes
Valium Cocaine
Piano Violin
Off-putting manner Know-it-all
Dr. Wilson Dr. Watson
Long narratives to explain himself
Must be doing something while thinking
Drives one nuts in a good way
Compelling character
Doesn't deal well with failure

Can you come up with more? What about other TV characters and their counterparts in books?
Just a random mental exercise.
Have fun!

August 9, 2008

random story

I have been sucked into the vortex of reading other people's blogs a lot (read hours) and not posting on my blog. I figure I don't really have anything that interesting to say anyway.
I was reading about his squirrel problems which reminded me of the squirrels that plagued Griswold House at Nyack College my senior year.
I can remember them running across the drop tile ceiling, fearing they would fall through into my room. Then they would climb up the pipes in the walls. Like nails on a chalkboard. They tried to catch them several times. But like the cat the just keep coming back. Eventually, winter drove them into hibernation and we had peace until spring.
I have also had squirrels chew through vacuum hoses in my car. Your car doesn't run so great with holes in hoses. VERY frustrating!

November 7, 2007

The Content-o-meter

You may be scratching your head about what this means. It is a form of shorthand my friends and I have developed to relay how content we are about the situations we find ourselves.
God calls us to a life that is lived on the edge but also with peace and contentment. If I spend my life pining away for something that is not to be or not for this season in my life then I am living in direct and utter disobedience to Jesus. Thus the shorthand, we can quickly tell each other how we are doing in this area.
I'll spend some time talking about this and other topics.